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Helping Relationships - Part 1: Supporting Self-Actualization

January 1, 2020

This week, Jai and Deb discuss how to support the process of Self-Actualization in our kids. Using the groundbreaking work of psychologist Carl Rogers as a framework, we explore topics such as authenticity, unconditional love and the power of understanding.

We also explore how to form what Rogers calls helping relationships, which he defines as those relationships that "another person can use for his or her own personal growth." Rogers' three key insights into helping relationships are as follows:

1) The more that we can be genuine in a relationship, the more helpful it will be.

2) The more acceptance and liking we feel toward the other person, the more we will be creating a relationship that the other person can use for their own personal growth.

3) The more that we strive to understand the other person, the more we hold a sensitive empathy toward that person's feelings and communications, the more helpful and significant it will be.

When these three conditions are present, individuals naturally move in the direction of wholeness, maturity and self-actualization.

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