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What is Parenting 3.0? - A Brief History of Parenting

October 7, 2019

In this week’s episode, Jai and Deb answer the question: What is Parenting 3.0? We start by describing Parenting 1.0 and when and how we evolved into Parenting 2.0. Along the way, we describe both the benefits and pitfalls of each stage and then discuss how Parenting 3.0 incorporates the best of both previous stages, while adding in several new important elements. 

Below are brief descriptions of each parenting stage:

Parenting 1.0: For most of human history, people have parented the way their parents and grandparents did, with culture providing the cues. We didn’t have to ask questions - we just learned from our elders and culture around us. Parents didn’t think about being “good” parents, they just parented based on tradition and instinct. The quality of our parenting was largely an accident of the family we grew up in and the culture we inherited.

Parenting 2.0: Along the way, for various cultural reasons, parents started turning to experts to learn to parent instead of following the lead of their parents and grandparents. This was the beginning of intentional and self-conscious parenting. In some cases, this evolution allowed for real advances, but over time, an endless stream of conflicting advice has led to confusion as we’ve lost touch with our natural parenting instincts. Parenting 2.0 spans the past 100 years and includes a wide range of “expert” advice.

Parenting 3.0 is about reclaiming our natural parenting instincts and integrating them with a deep understanding of child development. It brings together the wisdom of the past with the best scientific and psychological research of the present. Parenting 3.0 isn’t another fad or a quick fix. It’s a set of principles that allows us to respond dynamically and confidently to our kids and to life from an informed and empowered place. Parenting 3.0 recognizes that parenting while misaligned with human nature is a losing battle.

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